brooklynONE was founded as a haven for new, bold, alternative and experimental works,  both original and existing.  Building on a strong company of actors, directors, playwrights, poets, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and other community artists we strive to broaden the scope of the arts in Brooklyn and beyond. With a focus on ensemble work, the artistic process and community activism brooklynONE continues to cultivate thought provoking works and mentor new and emerging artists of all ages and levels.


Co-Founders Tom Kane and Anthony Marino founded brooklynONE (bkONE) in 2006 as a haven for emerging artists to hone their craft in a theatrical environment. Based in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, our company cultivates innovative, experimental and creative performances. brooklynONE sets itself apart from other local theatre companies by focusing on the importance of new, developing and original works, as well as concert performances and film screenings. Our focus on expanding the theatrical experience allows local and worldwide artists to flourish in a safe and professional environment. brooklynONE has produced works from playwrights of all ages and locations throughout the world, as well as a feature length independent film and multiple mixed media shows. We pride ourselves on maintaining a strong relationship with the arts in our community and are committed to the continued expansion and creation of opportunities for artists across the New York City area. 

the legend - from Tom Kane

"On November 13, 1993, a dream was born.

We had just completed the final performance of The Life & Times Of Matthew Ryan, my first play, and after the emotional farewells to the cast and crew, I slept like a baby. 

I dreamt of a place where artists were free to write, direct, star, sing, and make poetry to perform to throngs of uplifting gormandizers....

Then I woke up. Went to work on Wall Street.

Thirteen years and seven plays later:

BrooklynONE was born. March 19, 2006

Two very important dates. November 13 is when Felix Ungar was asked to remove himself from his place of residence (that request came from his wife) and March 19 is Anthony Marino's birthday. I said to him on birthday #24... "let's start our own theater company... we'll call it BrooklynONE."

So, the youngest member of the cast of Matthew Ryan and the author of said play became partners in the land of my dreams from 13 years ago... AND AWAY WE GO

"Let the play begin" ---

We are... BrooklynONE

Anthony Marino (left) and Thomas G Kane III (Right) Founders of brooklynONE productions.