The bkONE dream: The Thomas G. Kane III Performing Arts Center / by Anthony Marino

Things that could be going on in this space right now... BrooklynONE productions could be creating its own events as it always did... and could be hosting and collaborating with Dialogue with Three Chords Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Cultural Compulsive Disorder The Rhapsody Players would be back home as well! You want MORE content... oh ok... how about Everyday People Project and One Sandwich at a Time, all have had events hosted in our space... want MORE culture ... want more different and diverse events how about MGCCC Jackson County Choral Activities - cause YEAH they came across the country to sing at the space! Occupy Sandy relief? NO problem...we converted the entire space into a relief center and produced an entire ONEact festival around the volunteers and events and raised money for Brooklyn Community Foundation.. and lest we forget our favorite organization the Francesco Loccisano Foundation! We could be creating another immersive Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival event in the space as well...



But you know what I've been quiet to god damn long...and what i just shared is a small % of what we did while we were there. #bkone