ten years ... and away we go. / by Anthony Marino

March 19, 2006.

Tom Kane messages me from a screen name Brooklyn1theater

"Let's start our own theater company...we'll call it BrooklynONE."

On the day of my 24th birthday, with the enthusiasm of Kane in full force- a Brooklyn based performing arts company was born.

Stoked in the flame of artistic originality, vision and drive to do something different; a journey that has now lasted a decade of my life began. In that time we have created some of the most original and challenging pieces of theatre, art, performances and events our little enclave of Brooklyn has ever seen. We have been the underdog, the ignored and on top of the world. We have forged relationships and incredible collaborations with some of the most amazingly talented, gracious, giving and focused artists I have ever met in my life.

We have laughed together, We have created together. We have mourned together. We have failed together. We have excelled together. We have grown together. We have learned together. We have pulled of amazing feats of artistry together. We have produced shows from across the world. We have premiered films and documentaries and sparked debates. We continue to rebel together. We have worked to help our community. We have never wavered from our vision of being and doing more then just the ordinary. We have striven for innovation. It is all beyond anything I can fully express in any message in any amount of words.

I am eternally grateful for that AOL IM message from my co-founder back in 2006 and the journey that it began. I could have never imagined how quickly 10 years would have gone by. I could have never imagined all the different experiences we would all go through together with brooklynONE as the center of those shared experiences.

I am humbled and inspired by each and every person who has ever taken the time to be apart of our company. If it was for 1 show, I thank you and if it was for every show, I thank you and tell you that you are forever apart of the brooklynONE family.

March 19, 2016.

Ten years and so many many more to go. We have only just begun to create. Our best years are ahead of us, and the memories we made together in the past ten years serve as a foundation for our next decade.

Thank you all so much, and I hope you'll leave some comments and memories here and share photos and experiences of bkONE here!

All my love and thanks

Anthony Marino