Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival The Cast of Julius Caesar / by Anthony Marino

After a fantastic day of auditions we are so happy to announce our cast for this years Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival production of Julius Caesar! 

LAVIUS/PINDARUS                           Jolee Cohen
DECIUS                                              Hannah Giddings
CAESAR                                             Anthony DeVito
CASCA                                               Nicole Franz
CALPURNIA                                       Stephanie Sottile
ANTONY                                            Anthony Noto
SOOTHSAYER                                   Christopher Ellis
BRUTUS                                            Anthony Marino
CASSIUS                                           Jack McKeane
CINNA THE POET                            Danielle Santiago
CINNA THE CONSPIRATOR            Michael Pichardo
LUCIUS                                            Joanna Connelly
METELLUS CIMBER                        Ryan O’Connell-Peller
PORTIA                                           Sarah Summerwell                   
LIGARIUS                                        Geo Cedeno
OCTAVIUS                                       Christopher Ellis

directed by Anthony Marino
Assistant Director Nicole Franz
Production Coordinator Hannah Giddings

produced by brooklynONE productions


August 27th Owls Head Park Starting at 12pm! 

for all info!