Thank You! bkONE: Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival 2016 by Anthony Marino

Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival 2016: Caesar

Just want to take a quick minute to thank everyone who came out to the Shakespeare Festival this year. Its hard to imagine that it was our 4th year producing outdoor Shakespeare! Each year we try to bring something different to the festival and producing Caesar was an incredible experience.

Special thanks to the Office of State Senator Marty Golden who helped up secure the permit. Special thanks to Arlene Keating and George Panos who sold chips and snacks during the show. Special thanks to Joann and Martin Marino for their endless love and support. 

Congratulations and thanks with endless gratitude to the cast of Julius Caesar:

David Coreyleos, Stephanie Sottle, Hannah Giddings, Anthony Noto, Nicole Ashley Franz, Joanna Connelly, Ryan O'Connell Heller, Jack McKeane, Michael Pichardo, Gaily Nettling, Jeremiah Jurkiewicz, Luis Brandon Torres, Sean Davide, Danielle Santiago, Christopher Ellis

You made this years festival extraordinary with your hard work and dedication to the vision and material! So much fun and thank you!! Words can't even being to thank you all! 

Finally to our audience, our supporters our fans - thank you for keeping brooklynONE productions in your hearts, minds and thoughts as we continue to bring exceptional material to Brooklyn! Our journey is 10 years in and its just getting started! 


THANK YOU! See you at the next one!