brooklynONE productions SEEKING: Publicity Manager / by Anthony Marino

The role will work closely with the Artistic Director of the company along with other key company individuals. 

If you feel you can help to fill this role, and take on a volunteer position within our company, please contact us at

  • Research the attitudes and opinions of the public as relates to the company and its offerings.
  • Using this research, help shape the company season in partnership with the artistic director or other person(s) responsible for choosing individual shows or an entire season.
  • Write, edit and produce newsletters, brochures, direct marketing pieces and other printed material.
  • Create and determine publicity/press relations plan to generate continued greater awareness for the company and support any overall marketing initiatives.
  • Assist marketing director by serving as another spokesperson within the arts community as needed.
  • Develop communication objectives and communication plans
  • Identify the most important audiences, and decide what to communicate to them and the best media to use
  • Examine the media for issues that affect the company
  • Write and implement communication or promotional plans
  • Cultivate and maintain media contacts in order to generate relevant stories, interviews and other media coverage for the company.
  • Solicit, arrange and organize media interviews (print, radio and TV) for general stories about the company
  • Work with other organizations and provide information to them.
  • Organize and/or promote promotional events and conferences
  • Keep staff and patrons up to date with company news.
  • Write news releases, articles, calendar listings, and public service announcements (PSA's), ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Distribute news releases to media
  • Field and respond to media inquiries generated by those releases, or regarding a specific production or event.
  • Provide the public with information when it is requested
  • Solicit, arrange and organize media interviews (print, radio and TV) for productions or about the company in general.
  • Coordinate and oversee photo sessions for public relations and marketing purposes.
  • Coordinate handling of reviewers, including contacting them, securing comp tickets, and compiling press packets.
  • Oversee the archiving of all press clippings, video clips, radio tapes and photo library.
  • Responsible for design and/or placement of ads
  • Maintain and update the company's website, or work closely with the person who does this.