knowing the cast... episode 6... #bachelorette / by Anthony Marino

Anthony Noto




After spending months overseas touring with "Godzilla! The Atomic Musical" (I wasn't a cast member, I just really like the show) I returned to New York excited over the news that "Bachelorette" was being produced by brooklynONE. After hours of painstaking preparation, I landed an audition and was immediately rejected. Two weeks and a food coma later, brooklynONE had a change of heart. I was ecstatic. Now, I am honored to be in a show with an extremely talented cast, director, producer and crew. It's been a blast so far and I look forward to an exciting run!



On Jeff:

He was that guy in high school who all the pretty girls rejected. He was sweet, smart and a huge history buff. The guy who let you copy the answers on the test. Then came college. A fraternity at Northwestern infused him with the confidence he needed to charm his way into bed with sloppy women - preferably for a one night stand. Now in his early 30s, he's still at it. But this time, he comes with a middle-management job and a kind of city swag only found among shallow Manhattanites and the shows he watches on HBO. His guilty pleasure is Sex and the City. His soundtrack is AC/DC's Back in Black. His MCM is Eric Northman. And like Eric, don't - for the love of God - invite him into your hotel room.