knowing the cast... episode 5... #bachelorette / by Anthony Marino

Elyse Steingold





I'm Elyse and I'm playing the TITLE role (haha). I've been living in New York since graduating from The George Washington University and I could not be more excited to have my inaugural New York acting performance be this production with this talented group of people! I have been performing in shows with Alexis (playing Gena) since we both starred together circa 1997 in "Pigs Will Be Pigs..." which in a way is just the third grade version of this show. It's thanks to her that I'm here and I am so happy we get to continue working together years after playing Cosette and Eponine. 

Becky is an incredibly interesting character because she only has the very end of the play to assess the situation and assert herself. She is on the brink of adulthood - starting an entirely new life as a married woman - and mere hours before her big day she is besieged with everything toxic about her past. It's amazing how we can not see certain people for YEARS, and then after being together for five seconds we have become our 12-year old selves. I think Becky needs to remember that she is NOT her childhood self. She has matured, she has moved on, and that is okay. After years of being the outlier in their circle of friends, clinging to their acceptance and acknowledgement, it is extremely hard for her to come to terms with what friendship really means, and ultimately insist people treat her the way she's always wished they would. 


there's also this picture!!! Becky and Gena on their high school spring trip!