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Amy-Helene Carlson



Hey hey here it is! :)

Fun Blog Bio -

Name: Amy-Helene Carlson 

Role: Regan



AHC Headshot.jpg

Hi all! My name is Amy-Helene Carlson :) A little bit about me? New York native, born in the Bronx, grew up in Long Island! I come from a family very involved in the arts - a mother who is a singer, a father who was a stand up and now a children's author, an older brother who is a musician in an english rock band and a younger sister gearing up for stop motion animation school! I wasn't kidding about us being involved in the arts. I've worked as a chocolate tour guide, a florist, a possessed girl in a haunted house, a children's entertainment clown (the non-scary kind!!), a dog walker, a server in a sports bar, and a yoga studio receptionist to name a few. But my favorite job is working in the theater. Cheers, Amy-Helene.

On Regan- 


Who wouldn't love playing Regan? She's tough as nails and the reigning "Queen B" - at least for a little while. Love this play, it's been a fabulous challenge discovering Regan with fantastic writing and one hell of a group of people - loved this journey with BrooklynONE! 

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