Knowing the cast... episode 3... #bachelorette / by Anthony Marino

Nik Aliye



hey hi hey

I’m Nik and through a lot of serendipitous events and word vomit (on my part) we have the opportunity to be putting up Leslye Headland’sBachelorette. I’m originally from Washington, DC and have lived all over the world. Let me tell ya, you’ve never lived until you’ve been in an Uzbek airport at 2am crying because there were no doors out of the terminal. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Theatre & Cinema where I directed a lot of random things including SLUT by Brenda MacFarlane and The Woolgatherer by William Mastrosimone. NYC has been my home for about nine months now— I’m another illegal lease and an appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker before I’m officially a New Yorker.



so this show…

The best thing about these characters is how finely flawed they are. There isn’t really a hero in this show and I LOVE that. It’s so much more interesting to discover characters who have been through a lot of shit and aren’t trying to be saints. We’re having such a great time discovering the nuances of these characters and the night they’re going through. I’m so lucky to be working with such a talented cast and crew and I cannot even believe how wonderful everyone in brooklynONE is. What an amazing company to be a part of! SO at this point, I’m just trying to pilot the ship and hope everyone hangs on for the ride.