knowing the cast...episode 2 Bachelorette / by Anthony Marino


KK Glick


omg we got like 2 feet out here. (snow)

anyway FINALLY:

BIO, (I riffed a bit on the one below):


I'm Kristen Kathleen, hence KK.  But I answer to anything; call me whatever you'd like.   The youngest of four freckled brunettes, I grew up in Huntington on Long Island as part of a large brood of Irish Catholic Schwartz’s where I focused mainly on being an athlete.  Soccer, lacrosse, all day.  Yet underneath always lived that penchant for performing, and knowing I needed to act and wanted to do comedy.  I graduated from James Madison University with a Theatre & Dance degree and came right back home to start studying Improv at UCB.  I spent lots of time training there and started performing with a few different Indie teams.  I did a handful of plays, short films and comedic shorts.  I filmed my first commercial last year and a comedy pilot for Bravo.  I've studied at HB Studio and just recently graduated from the The Neighborhood Playhouse on the Upper East Side.  I love Jane Austen and John Hughes.  I've run two NYC marathons and wouldn't recommend it.  But you do you.  XO       


and then, Katie:


I've been a big Leslye Headland fan for awhile, even before she live tweeted It's A Wonderful Life.  If you want to quietly weep, watch It's A Wonderful Life to Headland live tweeting it.  Shit.      

Anyway, it always had to be Katie.  Even before I read her description of being 'all elbows and knees.'  (friends & family have always lovingly ripped me apart for these long, gangly limbs).  I love her.  We share a childlike sensibility and the hazard of being deeply sensitive, wanting things to just simply be OK for all of our people all of the time.  And when they're not, what to do with how bad that hurts?  I don't go to her extremes but can understand the inclination to.  And her instincts, however destructive they may be.  She's endearing and maddening at the same time.