knowing the cast.... episode 1 #bachelorette / by Anthony Marino

Alexis Demetra Baker



You said no novel. I say F*CK THAT. 

Will find a picture that isn't me drunk at a party.

Or mayyyybe......


Alexis Demetra Baker- Originally from just outside of Richmond, VA, I graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts & Cinema from Virginia Tech in 2012 and came to New York four days after graduation. After two years of endless audition lines, I met Anthony (Marino) while working at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and began this collaboration on Bachelorette. Having worked with Nik (Aliye) throughout college, I instantly knew she would be the best person to bring in to direct this hilarious spitfire of a play. Once we got the ball rolling, I couldn’t believe that my dream of collaborating on a play that I fully believed in was coming true. It’s been a joy getting to know everyone and more importantly, the process that a show like this takes. Thankfully, brooklynONE has been the most welcoming and warm host and hopefully my immense enthusiasm hasn’t annoyed them yet.

On Gena:

What a trip this girl is. My favorite summation of her is in the initial character description of the play: “Her alternatively commanding then compassionate personality recalls a headstrong fifth grader.” If I knew her in high school, she’d be that girl that I always thought was too cool to hang out with me, but we would bond over some nerdy cartoon from fourth grade. We relate on so many levels, and then differ on many more. She’s constantly armored up with sarcasm and rarely takes it off. Above all, she’s the friend who would die for you; not say it drunkenly to her girlfriends in a cliché way, but would actually jump in front of an attacker to let you get away. I admire that and so much more about Gena, and hope that I can do Leslye proud with my performance.